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      Using Apto is so easy, and it’s become a habit for us! Apto has saved us time and we feel that it is money well spent.

      Can you tell us a little bit about your office and why you decided to use Apto?

      Stream Capital Partners is a best-in-class net lease and sale leaseback advisory business built on the foundation of putting our clients' needs first as their trusted advisor. 

      When we decided we needed a CRM, we began to evaluate platforms and we ended up choosing Apto very quickly. We were familiar with Salesforce, and the commercial real estate overlay Apto provides was exactly what we needed. Price was also a factor, as we found it to be very reasonable. We had buy-in from the entire team, and everyone was committed to using Apto so that we could maximize its capabilities


      How has your experience with Apto been?

      From the start, we’ve had a phenomenal experience.  We initially did a major data cleanup before importing everything into Apto and the implementation process was very smooth. In the first six months, we reached out to the Apto team a lot. They answered all our questions and also taught us how to add customization ourselves which was extremely helpful and has saved us a lot of time.

      Apto makes complete sense for the way our business works. For example, we use it to track our lease assignments. We start with a property, convert it to an assignment, then to a space and finally to a comp after the deal is closed. Our team logs everything in Apto and uses the mobile app as well. We work out of Outlook and use LinkPoint with Apto, which allows us to track emails to any record in Apto and sync all of our contacts.

      What would you say to others considering Apto?

      We joke that we used to wake up in the middle of the night wondering if we forgot to do something important!  But that doesn’t happen anymore because we’re able to set reminders in Apto and everything is logged.  If we need to check that an activity was completed, we check Apto first. It‘s a great way to stay organized and it doesn’t require a lot of effort. Using Apto is so easy, and it’s become a habit for us!

      The support team is also fantastic and very helpful. They have a very quick turnaround time, and we really appreciate that support is included in the price. Apto has saved us time and we feel that it is money well spent.


      Annie Koch

      Vice President

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