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      Greysteel is a commercial real estate investment services firm that facilitates individual and portfolio transactions for multifamily and retail properties, including marketing and disposition, as well as debt, equity, and structured financing.

      Everything with Apto is going really well. We had a few users in our Dallas office using Apto for the last two years, and that was a big part of the reason why we decided to implement it company-wide. Apto offers us more flexibility than other CRM systems we've tested.

      Apto’s implementation process was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The database transition was very smooth, and I enjoyed working with our Project Manager, Mikey. He was always quick to assist me with anything I needed, no matter how busy he was. He is extremely knowledgeable about Apto and is a great teacher for those trying to learn it.

      Our teams enjoy using Apto because it centralizes our various business processes involving email, phone, file sharing, and task management. Having instant reports and client information is extremely valuable to us.

      This saves us time because we don’t have to dig through emails, update spreadsheets or forward messages to get the information we need. We’re able to log notes quickly in the system, and we know that we’re pulling up quality information when we need it. These small improvements add up over time, allowing our professionals to more efficiently and effectively service clients.

      The features on the contact record also help with our internal communication because we can see the activity history for the person we’re calling.

      Another great thing about Apto is how everything—contacts, properties, listings—relates to each other. I can easily adjust task and call lists so that users only see what they need. We also use the sharing settings across our different offices so we can track anything and everything, and make changes on the fly.

      Overall, we think Apto is a great tool that not only helps us save time but also makes us more competitive and helps us provide better service to our clients.


      Doug Banerjee

      Managing Director


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