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      Scott Hensley of Piedmont Properties in North Carolina uses Apto to run his commercial real estate business. Scott is a principal at the firm and is one of Charlotte’s leading CRE service providers. He has specialized in the industrial marketplace since 1994 and serves the real estate requirements of buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords, and developers.

      I’ve been an Apto client for over a year now and switched to the cloud-based system after using ACT! for 20 years. I made the switch because I needed the ability to sync data and have mobile access to real-time data. I also wanted a solution that was proven and secure. 

      I had met Apto’s founder and CEO, Tanner McGraw, at several CORFAC conferences over the years and was impressed with his commercial real estate knowledge and Apto’s potential. I decided it was time to embrace modern, cloud-based technology and use it to our advantage.

      I made the switch because I needed the ability to sync data and have mobile access to real-time data.

      The implementation process was smooth, and I was able to get data from both ACT! and Excel into Apto. I now use Apto on a daily basis to track properties, listings and activities. I love the calendar and Outlook integration and the ability to add notes and events to contact records. I also like that I can select which emails get tracked into Apto records.

      The reporting capabilities within Apto have added a lot of value to my business, as well.  Contracts and marketing activities are logged, so my assistant or I can simply run reports to show activity within the last 30-45 days instead of hunting for it in emails and manually putting a report together each time a client asks for it. I’ve reached out to Apto’s Solutions team occasionally, and they’re always very responsive. We just recently added another license for my business partner, and we’re excited to continue leveraging the technology to grow our business. Overall, I’m very happy with our decision to move to Apto and would recommend it to other brokerages.


      Scott Hensley

      CCIM, SIOR | Principal, Industrial Specialist



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