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      Wheeler Commercial is a commercial real estate team in Southeast Texas with extensive experience in commercial, industrial, and investment real estate. They provide a broad range of services, and they work to aggressively represent clients and save them as much money as possible while still meeting their goals in a timely and professional manner.

      Constantly striving for improvement, the team fully embraces technology as an integral part of providing an exceptional and professional commercial real estate experience. When it comes to utilizing a CRM system, Lee Wheeler believes Apto to be second to none.

      “I’ve used several CRM systems in the past, including Realhound and ACT!, and Apto is absolutely the best. Neither of those had a mobile option or were all-inclusive. We ended up migrating our data from Realhound, and the process went great. The implementations process with Apto was better than anything I’ve ever experienced. They take the time to walk you through the system and empower you to be successful using it.

      "The biggest value to us and to our clients is the ability to have everything linked in a central database that is quickly accessible."

      We’re using it for CRM and Deal Management, and we also use the Back Office for accounting. Apto is extremely robust, and it’s great to know that their support team is here to help us as we continue to utilize it within the team.

      The biggest value to us and to our clients is the ability to have everything linked in a central database that is quickly accessible. There’s no more digging through emails for information related to a property or offer; it’s all there in Apto. It also saves us time because it’s easy to track what we need to do within each stage of the deal. The Deal Pipeline is my favorite part of Apto because it tracks exactly where you’re at, and everything is tied together. I'm a fan and firm believer in the power of Apto!"


      Lee Wheeler



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