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      William Lawson is a Director at Phillips Realty Capital (PRC), a boutique capital markets firm in Bethesda, Maryland. Prior to joining PRC, he was a tenant representative at JLL and a production analyst at CBRE, where he worked on transactions totaling $800 million.

      Prior to getting on Apto, PRC used a combination of Smartsheet and the free version of HubSpot. At JLL and CBRE, CRM was the name of the game. Part of the reason PRC brought me on was to instill some corporate best practices into their business. I identified that the generic CRM wasn’t doing the trick, and we needed something built for a commercial real estate firm.

      Now, of the 20 people working at PRC, 14 are licensed Apto users. Those 14 individuals include all of the producers at the firm (including me) as well as every member of the underwriting team.

      As the pioneer of Apto here, I am in the system every day. It allows me to track the individual deals I’m working on so I know what my pipeline looks like and who I need to be following up with and when. Apto is also great for client and lender tracking since you can filter contacts and companies within the software to narrow down who you need to be speaking with. For example, if someone reaches out regarding a $10 million financing assignment in Arlington, VA, I pull up Apto. It tells me who is doing those deals in that area and what that would look like at a high level so I can provide informed feedback. Not only is Apto a database that organizes who we’re interacting with, but it also lets me filter by criteria that shows me who to target so I can take action.

      "With Apto, it takes me a quick second to figure out important information that will not only help me negotiate with lenders and investors, but also to secure meetings with people that I wouldn't have otherwise been able to." 

      Needless to say, Apto has been a huge timesaver. What saves me the most time personally is the contact and group filtering. There are over 500 capital sources out there and it’s hard to remember the investment criteria of every single group. With Apto, it takes me a quick second to figure out important information that will not only help me negotiate with lenders and investors, but also to secure meetings with people that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to.

      Additionally, our Director of Transaction Services saves significant time with Apto because she’s able to easily pull our company-wide pipeline report every Wednesday morning before our weekly team meeting. It used to take her a lot longer to put the report together as the information wasn’t always accurate or formatted properly. Now, everyone can update the pipeline report in real time and each person is only responsible for managing their deals. Apto preloads our pipeline into exportable views, which makes it easy to review in meetings. That’s a big timesaver for everyone.

      I’d have to give my overall Apto experience a 9/10. While onboarding an entire company onto a new software comes with some growing pains, the Apto team has been very helpful getting us up to speed. They are always available to troubleshoot and resolve any issue quickly. I’m a very satisfied customer and our office certainly enjoys using Apto.

      Lots of people in our network use Apto and I’d happily recommend it to the next person!

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