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      Organize all your contact, company, and property data securely in the cloud so you can access it from anywhere—and put it to work. With a prospecting console, stacking plans, buyer's needs matching, and more, you have all the information you need to work more efficiently.

      Customer relationship management software—commonly known as CRM—refers to technology that helps salespeople track, manage, and analyze interactions with prospective and current clients. For commercial real estate in particular, it helps brokers keep track of contacts, properties, comps, listings, and more. 

      Standard CRMs provide security and accessibility. Best-in-class CRMs go a step further than that and actually give you tools to take action on your data and make you more efficient. That's why Apto is more than just a contact database. Our software drives deal flow more efficiently and effectively for commercial real estate brokers.


      Apto task management


      When you log into Apto, the first thing you see on your homescreen is a list of the most important tasks you have for the day. Maybe that's checking in with a client you closed a deal with six months ago, or maybe it's time to send a marketing activity report to one of your current clients. Whatever is most pressing and time-sensitive is what you see first thing when you log in. If you want the list in email form, you can also have it sent to your inbox every morning.

      Deal pipeline and tools

      A deal pipeline and accompanying reports allow you to execute deals with ease, tracking what matters while you work. You work through deals in four stages: pursuits, listings/assignments, in contract, and closed. Any information you enter or change stays centralized, and every stage has its own place to store relevant information, from marketing activity reports to appraisals, inspections, due diligence, and more. 

      Apto Prospecting Console

      Prospecting console

      With this feature, you'll find all your relationship details in one place, helping you make connections quickly and win more business. Create groups in your CRM, such as past clients, retail tenants, industrial property owners, or whatever makes sense for your business. Then when it's time to prospect, you can choose a strategic segment to work through. You have an easy call list with the relevant information right there: including properties owned or leased, deal involvement, needs expressed, past engagement activities, prior conversations, and more. Once the call is done, quickly log it and record any follow-ups or notes. Then move on to the next.  

      Why Apto?

      More than a CRM

      Yes, your data is securely consolidated and connected in one place. And then some. But we're not just a CRMwe've built sales tools so that your data is organized the way you think and applied the way you work. 

      The best product team in the industry

      Apto's venture capital backing means we get to invest heavily in product development. We devote serious resources to our product and make ongoing improvements based on broker input.

      Built by brokers

      Our founder was a CRE broker for more than a decade, but that's not why we say we're by and for brokers. We are deeply engaged in continuous customer feedback and improvement for every new feature we release. 


      Proven best in class

      Apto is trusted by nearly 10K brokers. Our customers estimate that using Apto helps them save nearly six hours a week—an average of 295 hours per year. They also report a 610% annual ROI from their purchase.

      Want to see more? Check out our product videos.

      Watch the videos

      Apto is great for client and lender tracking since you can filter contacts and companies to narrow down who you need to be speaking with. 
      William Lawson
      Director / Phillips Realty Capital
      I personally have Apto open 100% of the time. I get into the office and start my day by going through my pipeline in Apto and looking at my pending deals, active pursuits, etc.
      Mathew Laborde
      President & CEO / Elifin Realty
      Apto allows me to track everything, including deal-specific details. It reminds us when to follow up with existing clients or prospects so we don’t miss out on opportunities for new business.
      Eric Robison
      SVP / Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer
      "In addition to helping us find new business opportunities, Apto saves us around eight hours per week. Having everything in one place all synced up and not having to toggle between spreadsheets and windows saves time and brainpower and minimizes stress." 
      Brian Antognini
      Client Services Specialist | CBRE New Jersey
      "Apto allows us to easily find and target the companies who can benefit from our services most. It is our responsibility to bring value to clients—and from a prospecting standpoint, it is vitally important to know who can benefit most." 
      Ben Klimesh
      Associate | Newmark Knight Frank
      "The whole support team and rest of the staff at Apto have been great through the transition, upload, and cleanup of our data. The level of service, care, commitment is better than any I’ve had with any other vendor. "
      Daniel Cawley
      President, Cawley Chicago

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