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      (Updated!) The Broker's Guide to More Efficient Prospecting

      This ebook lays out the most important things to track so you can segment your database for the most effective, efficient client prospecting. This will give you the highest probability leads in your market. If you have these groups catalogued correctly, it should be easy to pull lists and track your tasks so you can build relationships in a strategic, systematic way that keeps the deals rolling in.

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      (Updated!) A Practical Guide to CRM for Commercial Real Estate

      There’s been a lot of buzz around how CRM can help commercial real estate, so we’ve laid out a guide to common considerations, tips for evaluating technology, and more. You'll get an an introduction to CRM in general, its ROI, the concept of the cloud, common features, and much more. 

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      52 Commercial Real Estate Data Services

      We've compiled a list of the 52 best data sources every commercial broker should be using, covering the most popular in categories such as lease/sales transactions, ownership info, mortgage/financial data, property data, listings/availabilities, and more.

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      12 Broker Insights: Tips, Secrets, and Advice from the Field

      You have a broad network of contacts in the commercial real estate world, and so do we. We love hearing stories from brokers about their lives and careers—the best advice they ever received, the twists and turns that led them to unexpected places, and more. We thought you might like to hear from them, too. This ebooks covers networking and collaboration in CRE, looking where others don't, lessons learned, and more. 

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      9 Tricks For Building (and Maintaining) A Strong Rapport with Anyone

      As a commercial real estate broker, your business depends on strong relationships. Whether it’s with a prospect, client, architect, lender, developer, or admin, building a strong rapport with that person is essential to a successful business. Whether you’re trying to win over a new client, strengthen an existing relationship or turn an adversary into a friend, the techniques in this ebook will help you build strong, lasting bonds.

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      The 11 Psychological Secrets of Power Brokers

      When it comes to sales, emotional intelligence is the secret that separates top performers from the rest. The best commercial real estate brokers in the business are simply using psychology to their advantage. So how can you do what they do? How can you use emotional intelligence insights to win more business, build great relationships, and bounce back from inevitable rejections? Read the ebook for our top tips.

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      The 5 Biggest Mistakes Brokers Make—And How to Avoid Them

      More experienced brokers generally expect that at least half of new recruits will leave within three years. The perks of the job are part of what make it challenging: autonomy, flexibility, a commission-based salary. Some people simply lack the skills and personality necessary to succeed, but other common pitfalls can be avoided. We’ve laid out five common mistakes new brokers make, though more tenured brokers could do well with a refresher—both for themselves and for their mentees.

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      The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Listings

      This ebook lays out a simple but powerful marketing blueprint to help you get deals done quickly. Read on to discover how to get maximum exposure for your listings with smart digital marketing and close more deals by creating a story that captivates people.

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      The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Brokerage (And Yourself)

      Brokers who are constantly claiming new territory, closing on deals, and enjoying a steady flow of commissions are doing something to set themselves apart. Read on to discover how to get more leads by positioning yourself as a trusted expert, and how to turn prospects into clients by nurturing quality relationships. You’ll learn how to create stand-out marketing for you and your brokerage, tell a compelling market story, and position yourself to connect with the right people.

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      The Commercial Real Estate Best Practices Toolkit

      In this toolkit, we've distilled best practice strategies into easy-to-use templates, tips, and checklists that any broker can use. You’ll learn how to turn common objections into meetings, talk to any prospect, do property tours right, prepare for that first meeting, and much more. 

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      11 Resources to Make You a More Interesting Broker

      To be successful, commercial real estate brokers need to be seen as market experts, trusted advisors, sales pros, and interesting people. That's no easy task. These resources can help you achieve those goals, whether it’s helping you nurture relationships with new contacts, provide interesting business insights, or make your network’s lives easier.

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      Build a Better Brokerage

      The commercial real estate business runs the gamut from independent shops to large national and international firms. But even if you're on your own, you're more likely to make more money as a team. If you're building a commercial real estate team, this guide can help. Download it now for commission structure options, interviewing guides, job description templates, and more. 

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      Tip Sheet: 31 Quick and Dirty Prospecting Tips for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

      Prospecting for new business is the lifeblood of a commercial real estate broker. To be successful, you need to build strong relationships and continually grow your network. This tip sheet will up your prospecting game at every stage of the process, from workflow to technology to relationship-building techniques and beyond. 

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