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      Build and maintain meaningful connections by contacting past and potential clients at the right time with the most relevant information. Whether you're looking for new business, scouting the right buyer, or finding space for a tenant, we'll show your top contacts. You own the relationshipwe keep everything organized so you can do what you do best.

      Success in commercial real estate demands that brokers prospect on a consistent basis, no matter how long they've been in the industry. And successful, consistent prospecting requires a simple process and an easy system.

      Apto gives brokers the tools they need to prospect efficiently and connect with the right people at the right time with the right information. No need to spend a lot of time preparing or researching—we put your information to work so you're focusing your energy in the right place. By allowing you to strategically segment your data, you can keep in touch with past clients, talk to high probability contacts, and connect with new leads who need your services.



      Prospecting console

      With this feature, you'll find all your relationship details in one place, helping you make connections quickly and win more business. Create groups in your CRM, such as past clients, retail tenants, industrial property owners, etc. Then when it's time to prospect, you can choose a strategic segment to work through. You have an easy call list with the relevant information right there: including properties owned or leased, deal involvement, needs expressed, past engagement activities, prior conversations, and more. Once the call is done, quickly log the call and record any outcomes or notes. Then move on to the next. 


      Create strategic lists that allow you to prospect or market your deals with ease. These can be related to a variety of criteria, from contact types to property or comp information. Create a list of investors in a certain city, or owners in a specific neighborhood. Filter by market, submarket, property type, expiring leases, loan maturity—whatever makes sense for your business. Create and save these lists so you can come in each day and start prospecting, no prep or research time required. 

      team dashboard

      Team dashboards

      If you want to track prospecting activity across your team, you can customize team dashboards just for that. Combine whatever reports you want into one centralized dashboard so you can always have visibility into team performance. You can stay focused on the end goal by including commission by broker, or you can create a dashboard for calls by broker, meetings scheduled, and other prospecting-oriented metrics.

      Why Apto?

      More than a CRM

      Yes, your data is securely consolidated and connected in one place. And then some. But we're not just a CRMwe've built sales tools so that your data is organized the way you think and applied the way you work. 

      The best product team in the industry

      Apto's venture capital backing means we get to invest heavily in product development. We devote serious resources to our product and make ongoing improvements based on broker input.

      Built by brokers

      Our founder was a CRE broker for more than a decade, but that's not why we say we're by and for brokers. We are deeply engaged in continuous customer feedback and improvement for every new feature we release. 


      Proven best in class

      Apto is trusted by nearly 10K brokers. Our customers estimate that using Apto helps them save nearly six hours a week—an average of 295 hours per year. They also report a 610% annual ROI from their purchase.

      Want to see more? Check out our product videos.

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      "I wouldn’t be able to do the amount of prospecting I currently am without Apto, and I’ve created a lot of new business opportunities for myself." 
      Max Schumacher
      Investment Sales & Leasing Associate | Rein & Grossoehme
      "Apto allows us to easily find and target the companies who can benefit from our services most. It is our responsibility to bring value to clients—and from a prospecting standpoint, it is vitally important to know who can benefit most." 
      Ben Klimesh
      Associate | Newmark Knight Frank
      "Since using Apto Prospect & Nurture, I’ve become 60% more productive. From a numbers standpoint, I know how long it took me to make 100 calls before, and I know I can do it in less than half the time now. "
      Matt Lyman
      Principal Broker, Commercial Northwest
      "It's unusual that you can find a piece of technology you can actually ascribe to getting a deal done, and therefore monetize the investment you made in technology."
      Mike Demetriou
      President, Baum Realty Group
      "Life has changed a lot since we jumped on to Apto. We're able to quickly prospect, make notes, set reminders. Day to day, I'm able to get through more calls."
      Ara Rostamian
      Vice President, SRS National Net Lease Group | Newport Beach
      The implementation process was smooth, and I was able to get data from both ACT! and Excel into Apto. I now use Apto on a daily basis to track properties, listings and activities. I love the calendar and Outlook integration and the ability to add notes and events to contact records. 
      Scott Hensley
      Piedmont Properties | CORFAC International

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